Monday, February 13, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!

Looking at New York City, this can't be called much of a snowfall, but for North Alabama it was a pretty good snow. And for my kids, it was one of the first snowfalls they had seen. Jemma was born in February of 2001, and it was January of that year since we have had a snowfall of any significance. So when we saw the first snowflakes starting to fall, we all grabbed our coats and mittens and headed outside. I do have to admit that Wende and I were pretty excited about the snow ourselves. So a couple of snowball fights later, but sadly no snowman, we headed inside to warm up. When I was a kid, seems like we had a least a couple of snows a year that were big enough to keep us out of school. But the last few years we haven't had any. Today the kids were out of school, but the snow was all but gone by mid-morning. Let's keep our fingers crossed for some more snow, what do you say??


OUWxGirl said...

Yes we definately need more snow.

Nicole B. said...

I have to admit - I was hoping for a blizzard. Its easy to wish that since I wouldn't be called in to work (hee hee). They are the cutest kids on earth, besides mine of course.