Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I like change. Change is good. Well, not really, but I decided to give the blog a new look. You know, to keep things fresh. Anyway, not much going on today. Carson had a doctor's visit so I'm just kinda chilling, been cleaning up here at the bureau. Oh yeah, there was a wreck in front of my house last night. Wende and I heard this loud noise outside, and she thought it was raccoons on our back porch. I looked outside and saw a car had run off the road and into the trees across the road from us. Called 9-1-1 and got an ambulance on the way and then went out to check on them. Young girl driving a new Mustang had ran off the side of the road, overcorrected, and went across the road and through the ditch and into the woods. Took out my neighbors mailbox for about the fifth time. Driver broke her nose and passenger said her knee was hurting, so off to the hospital for them. I think the total count was 1 Crossville policeman, 3 county deputies, 1 firetruck, 1 ambulance, 1 state trooper, 6 or 7 volunteer firemen, and 1 wrecker. My brother Dusty called wanting to know if we were alright because his girlfriend went by the house and told him there were a bunch of policemen at the house. Finally got wrapped up about 10:15 pm. Lots of excitement in the country last night.

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dhood said...

You should have posted some pics of the wreck. Oh yeah, thanks for mentioning me. You can visit me at