Friday, January 05, 2007

Crimson Tide Head Coach Nick Saban

A.D. Mal Moore and President Robert Witt

Saban Works the Room

Well, its finally a done deal. Alabama has got 'em a football coach and it's Nick Saban. Once again I get to be in Tuscaloosa for the announcement of a new coach at Bama and finally I think they have got one who might just stay here a while. I know, lot's of people are saying he won't stay, he's stayed nowhere for long, I believe this time it's different. He's tried the NFL thing and didn't like it. He is at a great college with a long tradition of winning and commitment to winning. Great fans, not counting the chick who kissed him at the airport. So why not stay here til you are ready to hang up your whistle? I was very impressed by him at the press conference, he handled every question easily even the one from the Miami reporter. If you have ever been at a Mike Shula presser it was very easy to see the difference between the two men. Now, I'm not the doe-eyed fanatic who believes Coach Nick will have them in a BCS Bowl next year but I do think you will see a much different Alabama team this coming season. Give him a couple of years and they will be competing for the SEC championship. But please, stop with the St. Nick stuff!

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