Monday, December 18, 2006

CMT, Here I Come !!!

Director Jonathan Barbee

Lights, Camera, Action

Finally, something cool not involving death and destruction to report. Nashville came to Guntersville today. A production crew was in Guntersville shooting a music video for the Wayne Mills Band at Rockingham's, a local bar. The song is called "That's What Dancers Do", and the video should be out by late January. Word is that American Idol winner Taylor Hicks will appear in the video, although he wasn't in town today. Over 200 extras dancing and partying are in the video, but sadly I must report Yours Truly will not be seen on CMT anytime soon. Still, kinda fun to see behind the scenes at just what goes on in the making of a music video. By the way, when you see the video and the singer Wayne Mills is shooting Jager shots, it's really just Coke. I guess you can't have the lead singer wasted.

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