Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Did You Hear The One.....?

Did you hear about the 2 Auburn students who died in an accident at the campus cafeteria this week? They went to get some milk and the cow fell on them.
Funny? Well, that's up to you. But this is Iron Bowl week, and that means it's time for Auburn jokes. Have any good ones, let me know.
Did you hear about the 2 Auburn students who decided to go to Disneyworld? Seems they got to Orlando and saw a sign that said, "Disneyworld, Left". So, they turned around and went home.
Corny? Yes, but the dumber and the cornyer the better. Just remember, you may post Alabama jokes here, but I reserve the right to change them to Auburn jokes.
Roll Tide!! And lets hear those jokes.

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-Heath said...

Know how to get a Auburn Cheerleader into your dorm room?

Grease her hips and push.