Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ole' Crazy Eyes

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Crazy Eyes. He is the guy in the blue shirt pointing. And being watched by the deputy to his left. Crazy Eyes was, as we like to say here on Sand Mountain, about three sheets into the wind. And this is still in the first quarter. Crazy Eyes, we think he was a Raiders fan but we're not sure, was hollering at this one Titans fan, staring at him and pointing. Well, finally the deputy had seen enough and Crazy Eyes was escorted out of the game. He did return late in the fourth quarter but he was much calmer. So here's to you, Crazy Eyes, our Sand Mtn. Photog Blog fan of the game!

1 comment:

Chris Davis said...

Outstanding Brad! Hey what do you have to do to get tickets to those games? I haven't been to one yet...you have connections I don't!