Thursday, January 05, 2006

Another Day, Another Meth Story

Another story about crystal meth today. Seems like we have done quite a few of them lately. Unfortunately, meth is a very serious problem here on Sand Mountain. We were talking to a sheriff's office investigator yesterday, and he said that probably 90% or more of the crimes they work are related to meth in some way or the other. Either robberies or burglaries where the people are trying to get money to buy meth, or fights or shootings where meth is to blame. And there is no easy answer to the meth problem. Laws limiting the amount of pseudofed have cut down on the number of labs, but the use of the drug is still up. What can we do??

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Anonymous said...

we as parents need to talk to our children and grandchildren about drugs. I still talk to my children and the youngest is 28yrs old. My children don't even drink and drive. If they drink they give thier keys to the bartender w/30.00 and the bartender calls them a cab. I guess all the talking really does sink in after all. Please parents keep talking to your kids , sooner or later they will hear you.