Friday, January 20, 2006


Today was a day everyone should be glad there is no such thing as "smell-o-vision"! We took a tour of Albertville's sewage treatment plant as part of our coverage of the smell problem in Albertville. So we got to walk over and on top of the different buildings at the plant. The first picture is what they call the "clarifier". It's the big round tub where you see the bridge going around in circles. Well, we got to climb on and ride that thing around and around the huge tub of, well, waste. Yes, human waste. So that was a first for me, to ride around in circles over hundreds of thousands of gallons of poop. I'm just glad that Carson didn't decide to push me in. I'm not sure anyone would have volunteered to jump in and save me.

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Chris Davis said...

you said poop!