Monday, January 09, 2006

Busy Weekend!!

Wow, what a busy weekend on Sand Mountain. It all started Saturday night when I got called out to an attempted robbery and stabbing in Collinsville at the Dollar General Store. The store clerk was stabbed in the stomach several times, but luckily she is doing well. Police caught the suspect in about 30 minutes. So after going to the bureau and feeding the video back to Huntsville, I go home. I'm there about half an hour when the pager goes off again. There has been a shooting in Geraldine. That's the top picture of the trailer where a 17 year old boy was shot at least twice with a shotgun. They airlifted him to Huntsville Hospital, and he is still alive the last time I checked. Neighbors heard the shots and saw someone run from the trailer and get into a green car and leave, but DeKalb County deputies have no idea who did the shooting at this time.
Then on Sunday, I get called because an Albertville police car is on fire. Get to the scene and find out it was a K9 unit. Officer was chasing a runner when he heard his car explode. Went running back to find his car totally engulfed in flames. He then ran up to the car and was able to get his dog, Kilo, out before he was seriously hurt. The car was a total wreck.
So this is what we call the "waves rolling in". It has been pretty quite around here for awhile, but the last month has seen at least 3 murders, 2 or 3 accidental shootings, lots of robberies, and the stabbing. So grab your surfboard and hold on tight. We are going for a ride!


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