Monday, October 31, 2005

Remember the Titans

Hello from Nashville! Well, not really, I'm back now but you know what I mean. Yes, our seats were kinda high but you sure could see a lot of stuff from up there. Stuff like this guy. Now, if you saw this guy walking down the street you would probably run for cover and call the police. But somehow seeing him at a football game is OK. Yes, he is a Raiders fan and they do like to dress up for the games. I was surprised by how many Raiders fans there were at the game. This guy was actually from West Virginia and it was first time to see the Raiders play. But my absolute favorite guy was "Crazy Eyes", and him you will meet in my next post. Let's just say, unlike college games, beer is served at Pro games.

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You're making me jealous, man. I remember the Coliseum very well. Especially since I was the only one in Huntsville allowed to go to the stadium during the Titans Super Bowl run....ahhhhh memories. Call your buddy Coffey!!!