Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Crime Doesn't Pay?

These pictures are from a drug bust Tuesday in the DeKalb County community of Kilpatrick. A half pound of cocaine was seized and four people were arrested. But the thing that got my attention was the $98,500 in cash the drug agents got in the bust. Yes, almost one hundred thousand dollars of cold, hard cash these druggies had in their run-down old trailer. Let me tell you, that much cash laid out to see is quite a sight. "Did you think about grabbing the money and running?", someone asked me. Well, yes, and if not for the presence of about a dozen agents armed with high powered rifles, I might have thought harder about it. Notice the guy above guarding one of the druggies. But that was a really pretty thing to see, $98,000, just lying there. So, Carson posed the question, "Is it wrong to steal drug money?". What do you think?

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callmeangel said...

It's wrong to steal...there are no exceptions to the Big 10. But we have to wonder, where does that money go? "They" would probably say it goes into evidence/storage but, c'mon, someone down the line is reaping the monetary benefits of catching dealers.