Friday, March 03, 2006

State Parks Re-Visited

Seems that the voice of the people is heard sometimes by our state government. After many complaints by people, state legislators complained to the head of Alabama's State Parks about the $3 usage fee about to be implemented. And what happens? A press release late yesterday afternoon announced that the fee idea has been dropped. In defense of those who run the parks, they do not receive any tax money for the day to day operation of the parks, and the money raised by the fee would have given them some much needed funds. But I think the idea of having to pay to take your kids or grandkids out to the park to hike trails or look for deer was just the wrong way to do it. As it is, those who camp, play golf or stay at the lodge(when it finally re-opens) fund the park. And no one wants those costs to rise. No easy answers here, but at least one wrong answer has gone away.

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