Monday, March 27, 2006

Edge Of The World

Here they are again, the Dynamic Duo of Forrest and Jemma, this time after a hard day of rock climbing. Friday we took off to Lookout Mountain in Cherokee County to a little place called Cherokee Rock Village. It's a mecca for rock climbers, nothing but big ole rocks as far as the eye can see. They even filmed part of a movie there last year, "Failure To Launch" with Matthew Mac-whatever-ahey and Sara Jessica Parker. Anyway, this rock was the location for one of the scenes in the movie, overlooking scenic Weiss Lake far below. Kids look kind of nervous because it is literally on the edge of the mountain. Anyway, it is kinda in the middle of nowhere and there are no facilities other than rocks and bushes, but if you are into rock climbing there aren't many better places to go.

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