Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Meet The P2

Ladies and gentlemen, we have entered a new world here in the Sand Mtn Bureau. Say hello to the new camera. Officially, its a Panasonic SPX800P with a P2 drive. But all you need to know is the P2 part. For the first time in my career as a, ahem, videojournalist, I go out each day and don't shoot on tape. Everything is all on the little P2 card like in the top photo. Each card, at $650 a pop none the less, holds about 16 minutes of video. The camera has no moving parts to break down, its all electronic, which I quess means I'm really not shooting video anymore, I'm shooting 0's and 1's. The station bought 3 of these new camera systems, one for me, one for Carter Watkins in the Shoals, and one for Gregg our chief photog. Shot everything for the last couple of days on the P2 and have packed up the old tape camera and got it ready to send to Hunts-Vegas(Huntsville) for another photog there. Anyway, I just wanted to let you meet the new camera, hopefully we will all get to know him better in the coming weeks.

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Brock said...

I certainly hope they gave you more than one P2 card. :-)

That's a pretty sweet camera, though. I thought my station was treating us well when they gave us MiniDV cams here at our bureau. Maybe I'll get to see the new gear in T-Town this year?

By the way... please say hello to my old news director from WVUA, Greg Privett.

Holler at ya later!