Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Discovery on its way!!

Man, isnt this a beautiful sight?? I am so glad to see the shuttle back where it belongs. Seems that so far everything is going well with this mission, now if we can just get it back on the ground safely. As an interesting sidenote, I was working the Kids Count expo back in '03 when the Columbia disaster happened. I was running live shots for the morning show and called the producer at the station to make sure we were through. She sounded harried, and told me she couldn't talk just now because NASA had lost the shuttle. I remember asking, "They LOST it?", not quite sure what she meant. Then I ran inside the VBCC and found Carson and our news director and told them the news. The rest of the day was busy listening for updates and doing stories about the disaster. They say you will always remember where you were, and I'm sure all of you have the same kind of story.

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