Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Well, here you go. This is for those that wanted to see new pictures of the kids. Here is Forrest and Jemma at the Zoo in Florida. The big guy is 7 now, and my princess is 4. Man, do they ever grow up fast.

Carson is off again today, so that means its all on me again. Just checked in with one of my main sources, Zach Cannady, and the word is that all is quiet in Marshall County. Looks like I'll have to head to DeKalb County for news today.


Anonymous said...

thanks brad, i call if something happens

Seinpez said...


man oh man are these kids growing -- i like this blog thing -- send mike yours and he started his own!

my mom and mike are due up in bama soon ... yard sale time again!


Daphne said...

Beautiful young 'uns! Thanks!