Friday, July 29, 2005

Riding The Wave

Most of the time, Sand Mountain is a pretty quiet spot. But from time to time, stories like murders, plane crashes, things like that seem to just start coming one after the other. We call that "Riding the Wave". One wave after another of news starts pouring in and you just have to ride it out. Seems like that is happening right now. I got called out late night for a murder near Section in Jackson County. A man was found dead on a field road, his body dumped there. I was called out at 10 pm, finally got the info on name and what happened around 2 am, then head back to the bureau to edit and feed video back to Huntsville. Normally, its time to go home and catch a few hours of sleep. But not tonight. We have our Tools for Schools drive starting, and I have to be in at 4 am for shots for the morning show. So, thats means your friendly neighborhood photog blogger will be pulling an all-nighter. And then an all-dayer. Sleep is highly overrated......

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Daphne said... need rest!