Friday, July 29, 2005

Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

What a pitiful looking pair. This is the not so glamorous side to TV news. Here Carson and I are trying to find someone to interview for the story on the murder in Albertville the day before. We spent about an hour, in the 95 degree heat, trying to find someone to talk to us. One question we get quite often is how we choose the people we interview for our stories. Well, sometimes that is easy and is dictated by the story we are doing; for instance a police chief or county commissioner. But for other stories we have to find the "man on the street", or the person who knew someone who is the subject of the story. And its not always, or hardly ever, easy. Most people just are not interested in being on television. So this process can sometimes take a long, long, long time. In these two pictures we are very frustrated. And did I mention hot? Really hot?

1 comment:

Carson Clark said...

I didn't know you'd taken that picture. And don't say anything about my wrestle man picture again. At least I'm not wearing shades.