Thursday, July 21, 2005

Trip to Huntsville

We had to go to Huntsville today for a staff meeting, so I thought I'd take a few photos while there. The top two are my Really, Really Good friends Amy George and Jerry Hayes. They are hard at work writing stories about kids and animals for the news tonight. The other handsome fellow is the real brains behind the operation, Keith Lowhorne. He is the man to go to when you have a problem or need some supplies (OK, Keith I mentioned your name, can I get some more tapes now, please!). Keith is a really great guy, and has forgotten more about shooting news that I will ever know.


Anonymous said...

Love the photographs. Well at least the top two that you posted. :) Amy and I are lucky that we have quality video journalists like you on the team. I'm loving the blog.


Dianna Gee said...

Isn't it just great having Amy back in the building!? Gosh, I've missed her. Brad, I love the photos of your kids. The curls are beautiful!!