Thursday, September 22, 2005

Picture of The Day, plus New Contest

Sometimes I go back through our archive tapes here at the bureau and I come upon stories like this. A group of senior citizens calling themselves the California Raisins, go to nursing homes and entertain the residents. Personally, they look more like grapes than raisins, but their hearts are in the right place anyway. Now, my faithful readers, the rest will be up to you. I want to see what kind of funny caption you can come up with for this picture. Make it short, sweet and funny. Winner gets an all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world within a one block radius of their own home. Travel expenses not included.


Chris Davis said...

Great picture Brad! Too bad I'm not quick enough to come up with something good...or maybe it was the fact that I worked 17 hours yesterday covering tornadoes in west Alabama...I know more about western Tuscaloosa County now than anyone should know!

Ginger said...

Barney seems to be the only thing coming to mind! Ha!