Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Where Is All the Gas?

These is the scene at many gas stations across DeKalb County. A lot of stores are out of gas and others are limiting the amount each customer can buy. According to fuel suppliers, a rush by folks to fill up because of rumors of outages dwindled the supply. So, seems even the record high prices isn't stopping folks from buying gas and going where they need to. Around here, we have not seen any change in the traffic on the road. Highway 431 is always crowded around lunchtime and that hasn't changed one bit. Which brings up a question we ask ourselves everytime we go out on the road, "Where are all these people going?". I understand people working and getting groceries and such, but what about all these other cars? Do you really need to be out right at noon with nowhere to go? Just how high do prices have to go before people cut out some driving?

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