Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yeah, But Did They Tailgate?

Trivia question, where was the very first Alabama-Auburn game played? If you said Birmingham, give yourself a pat on the back. Carson and I went in search of this historical marker today. It marks the spot for the very first Iron Bowl, played way back in 1893.
Sadly, Auburn, known then as A&M College, won the first meeting by a score of 32 to 22. If you ever want to find the marker for yourself it's near St. Vincents Hospital, on the corner of 8th Street South and University.
What was then known as Base Ball Park is now home to office buildings.


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Anonymous said...

Yup 5 miles from where your old pal Dave Coffey works and not even a friggin phone call. Coulda done lunch and seen old friends...but noooooooooooo!

Be good Hood,