Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hood Family at the Harvest Festival

Last Saturday was the annual Harvest Festival in Boaz, and the Hood family loaded up into the family car and headed out for the festivities. In my mind, Fall just isn't the same without a trip to the Harvest Festival. We checked out the arts and crafts, listened to some good music and just generally had a good time. After spending roughly $30 dollars on polish sausages, corn dogs, curly fries and drinks, it was time for the kids to hit the inflatables. Oh, nothing says fun to a kid like a big inflatable slide or a swing. So here are pictures of the Hood kids getting their dollars worth of fun. Jemma is swinging away while young Mr. Forrest is thrilling himself with a life threatening 10 foot slide!! After a trip to Wal Mart and then Pizza Hut, it was time to call it day. Much fun was had by all, now just looking forward to the big Homecoming parade this week at Crossville. What a life, huh?

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