Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Look What We Found

Look what we found today in Albertville. Carson and I were doing a story about how Albertville has starting towing cars when people are stopped and don't have a drivers license. We went by A & B Wrecker to get video of some of the 22 cars that were taken in Monday. And we found this in their garage. For those of you not in this market, this is Live Star, the satellite truck for the ABC affiliate in Huntsville. Seems they were in Guntersville and had the clutch go out on the truck. They were towed to A & B where it was going to be repaired. Of course, with the story we were doing we had to make jokes about their driver not having a license, which he did. Just thought I would share this picture because it made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

To bad they didn't have the 31 Helicopter there too.

Anonymous said...

at least we have a complete roof