Monday, October 17, 2005

Real, Live Mascots

This is Ramsy. Ramsy is the mascot for the Sylvania Rams football team. Most schools have a person dressed up in a costume for their mascot, but Sylvania has both. And you know what? I like it. Wouldn't it be great if high schools had real mascots to cheer their teams on? How about Crossville, wouldn't it be great to see a real lion prowling the sidelines? Or for Pisgah to have an eagle peering down from the press box? Now, I will allow that it would not be that inspiring for Ider to have a little caged hornet on the sideline, or for Gordo down in Tuscaloosa County to have a bowl of water as their mascot (they are the Green Wave). And Lord knows we would never want to show up to a Fyffe Red Devils game and see that guy leading cheers. But cheers to you Sylvania, and here's to soon seeing a buffalo leading the North Sand Mountain Thundering Herd onto the field.

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Carson Clark said...

I'd like to see a Brewer Patriot fire his musket at your Crossville Lion. Of course, he'd miss.

But not sure it would be good to have a real pirate at Boaz games. I mean, he'd go through the crowd, "Arrrrg, give me your purses and your buckles."