Friday, August 26, 2005

Football Friday

Well, week 1 of high school football is in the bag and what a week it was. Yes, Fyffe loves them some Channel 19. Great thing about going to Fyffe is that the P.A. guy always announces that we are there and thanks us for coming. It may not sound like much but we know that Fyffe loves us anyway. Unfortunately, both games we covered tonight didn't have much action while we were there. Fyffe scored 2 touchdowns after we left to win 14-12. Fort Payne scored 20 before we got back to Albertville, then put up a field goal and a touchdown while we were shooting and Albertville got nothing. Doesn't make for the most exciting highlights. The bottom picture is Fort Payne's Justin Bailey coming down with a big catch at the 2 yard line to lead to a Wildcat TD. Well, this one is done, time now to get ready for next week. Coming soon, the schedule for next weeks Sand Mtn. games.

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