Monday, August 15, 2005

I was on the way home again when the station called me out for wind damage in Fort Payne. They had a bad storm come up and this is the result. The visitors bleachers at Fort Payne high school were folded in half and blown over by either a downburst or a small tornado. Blew them over the fence and onto the track and football field. Both the varsity and JV football teams were out practicing when the storm blew up, but they were able to get inside before it hit. It is now a little less than two weeks until high school football season opens up and Fort Payne has a lot of work to do to get new bleachers in place. The weird thing about this storm was it was very local. Most of Fort Payne didn't even get any rain from this. It just blew in from over Lookout Mtn. and hit right at the school. Also, the outfield fence at the baseball field next door was blown down by the wind. Thanks go out to the Ch. 19 viewers out there who called this story in.

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