Monday, August 22, 2005

Price of Gas Shouldn't Be This High

Now, I know the price of gas is really high but this is just crazy. Last Friday, a man attempted to drive off with $52 worth of gas from this Fort Payne gas station without paying for it. The owner tried to stop the car. He held on to the car as it drove off, only to fall off and then be ran over. He later died at the hospital. Everyone knows that gas is high, and the price has really increased the incidents of gas drive-offs across our area. But this has now cost a man his life. What can of person can do this, and then just keep driving. I'm sure they knew it had to be bad when they drove over the owner. So now this person, and I almost hate to use that word on this piece of garbage, will probably face a capital murder charge since this occurred during a crime. Is $52 worth of gas really worth 2 lives? As you can see from the pictures, the owner of the store was well-liked and people have been putting cards on the store windows since this happened. Sometimes I just can't understand people.

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