Thursday, August 11, 2005

View Inside the Bureau

I thought I would give everyone a quick look inside the Sand Mountain Bureau office. Top left is the Football Friday Lockeroom. Not much to look at now, but in a few weeks with the bright lights on, it will be transformed. Top right is Carson hard at work at his desk writing up the news of the day. Bottom left is the edit bay, my primary work area. As you can tell, I'm a neat freak. Lots of pictures of the family and toys to play with. And of course the giant Snoopy Pez dispenser. Bottom right is the front of the bureau, which is hidden from the main road and not easily seen. Well, there you go. I'm sure you feel like you have been there now. Since Patsy, our Sand Mtn. sales lady wasnt here today, I didnt show her office. Maybe we'll get her on next time.


waffjon said...

Let Carson know the desk needs Elmer and the M&M dispenser.

Carson Clark said...

I'm not sure what happened to the M&M dispenser. Elmer is at the parents house somewhere. Too bad, he doesn't make noise anymore.