Thursday, August 25, 2005

Remember This Guy?

Anyone remember this guy? I kinda hate to put him right after Hayward Bissell since as far as I know this guy has never killed anyone. This is former Sand Mtn. Bureau Chief Trace Trylko. Trace was the bureau chief from 1997 until January of 2001 before moving to Orlando. On this particular day, we were doing a story on two guys who came up with a new product. It is the living memorial, put up beside headstones in cemetaries with an audio track telling visitors about the deceased person's life. As Carson would say, they used to let us do stories about all kinds of things not just hard news. Anyway, Trace was a great guy, very personable and well liked. Maybe just a little eccentric but who among us isnt. Go Trylko!!


Chris Davis said...

I don't think putting him right after Bissell is all that bad with that sweater he has on! haha

Dianna said...

So what is Trace doing these days? I miss hearing him talk about Brittany Spears! I wonder if he's still into her.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Trace in the WUCF-FM radio news office back in the early 90s.

Smart, determined, and born a broadcaster.