Monday, August 15, 2005

Sand Mtn. Basketball

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Sand Mtn. bureau, a basketball goal. Since we have 2 15 minutes breaks each day and an hour lunch, we decided to do something a little more athletic with our time rather than just reading the works of Sheakspeare or doing calculus problems for fun. So now we will practice our jumpshots and layups during our company mandated breaktimes. Just look at that air Carson gets on the layup. And that oh-so-sweet touch that the Crossville Flash(that's me) has on his jumpshot. You can expect a much leaner, fitter Sand Mtn. bureau team from now on; it should cut down on our time getting to stories and cut out those nasty doctor visits.


Chris Davis said...

Good gosh Brad...please don't let Carson hurt himself!! I'm not worried about the "flash"...I know he has game

Carson Clark said...

You think Brad's got game? I played for 8 years.

zac said...

Aren't you right beside a gym called powerhouse gym.
email sometime